And with a trip down the byway..we come across Ripley Ohio...

Ahh..Ripley Ohio.....a place that time seemingly stands still. Both the prince and the Momma were impressed by the sheer number of river-side salt boxes that were restored to asolute perfection...and looked just as you would imagine they did over 200 years ago.

This home was the home of John Parker, an african-american who was also (not surprisingly) a staunch abolitionist and conductor. He also was the first african-american inventor to obtain patents for a tobacco press, sugar mill and soil pulverizer.

In his own words....
"I am now living under my own roof, which still stands as it did in the old strange days. I saw it grow brick by brick. It too has heard the gentle tapping of fugitives. It also has heard the cursing at the door of the angry masters. It too has played its part in concealing men and women seeking a haven of safety. " Posted by Picasa

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