Immobilizing energy

Nope....not a science post. Just a quick update on Mr. Energy himself...the Cadet.

His knee will officially return to an immobilizer today, as the healing just ain't happening. In part, the immobilizer will help speed the process...and in part the immobilizer will remind Mr. Energy about Sir Issac Newton's well known but often unpublished 4th law

"Teenagers in motion tend to stay in motion until sidelined by amazing combined force of a physical therapist, physician, and mother."

Aww, what a great law. Sir Newton knew his stuff. Unfortunately, so did Abner Doubleday whose Baseball Theory also applies...

"If ya can't move your knee and it is swelling all the time, ya gotta sit on the sidelines buddy"

Oh wait...that's Mrs. Oz's law of Sports. Sorry. I get my laws and theories mixed up.

Here's hoping the mending begins soon!

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DF said...

Teenagers do, however resist those primary forces until the pain of their motion is too great to bear. Meaning the Cadet, being a teenager, will think (or not think) he can do anything as long as it does not hurt too much.

Forced immobility, via the soft cast, is the best.

Good luck J and Cadet