Ahhhh...Sunday Night...

Update.....Okay..so 2 loads of laundry down.....but the dishes are done and Xmas has officially ended at the Osenbaugh household! Plus.. tis nice and clean in the Great Room (which tends to get trashed during hockey weekends as no one is available to "fix it".) Whoo Hoo! Celebrate with me the little victories! (dancing down the yellow brick road...and off to bed...exit stage right!)
Tis Sunday night in the land of Oz. The hockey games are done for the weekend (three losses, one tie...bummer!), and Luke is happily back playing on the floor. Only 4 loads of laundry, a sink full of dirty dishes and (gulp!) a Christmas Tree (Okay...so yes... the Xmas tree is still up...hey the lights are off the outside of the house...give me a break!) await me and the Oz family before we head off to bed.

There is not much to report in Oz, except Hunter played great, Luke was a good kiddo, I consumed too much coffee, and Dean enjoyed hanging with the Dads in our home rink this weekend.

Another week starts in Oz....with much more fun to come!

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