I know..I know.....almost a WHOLE month!!

Yes, I recognize that it has been (almost) a whole month since I last updated you on the happenings in OzLand. I am sure that you "missed" us...okay, not so much, right?

Of course, there have been lots and lots and lots and quite frankly....LOTS of happenings in Ozland (post the graduation of the cadet/now college boy), and everytime I think to blog..well, I am either too tired, nowhere near a computer, or just not feeling very wordy.

Because of the length of time, I think I can cover more ground by posting random blurbs...perhaps some in order, some out of order. See, I find that if I do bullet point randoms, well then we all catch up faster, and I can move forward much easier.

So let's get moving - in rapid fire succession - and bring y'all up to date!
  • We arrived safe and sound in Toledo.
  • We started to clean out rooms, unpack boxes, and the like
  • We started to prime the downstairs bedroom.  Yes Carol P - Sour Apple Green is finally in it's death throes.  35 years later.  You may not say "YAY" since YOU picked it out...but Mr. Oz and I are happy campers about it. 
  • We participated in the neighborhood garage sale - and garnered over one hundred and forty bucks.  Not bad considering most of the stuff was priced at a buck or under.  Yeah.  Grandpa F, Mr and Mrs Oz wanted to get rid of the stuff.
  • The King has a built in best friend next door.  She is 5 days younger.  She mothers him.  He "boy-energies" out on him.  They act like they have been married around 45 years.  ("King...you HAVE to listen to me.  You CAN'T ride the bike without shoes or you will cut your feet".  "Stop M...seriously, Stop.  Don't tell me what to do anymore."  Five minutes later....same conversation.
  • Mr. Oz has not yet found a job, but has a promising interview tomorrow.  Say a prayer.  Cross your fingers.  Do a happy dance, whatever.  
  • The College Boy turned 18 three days ago. He is still writing thank you notes for grad presents.  He will be cornered soon to get them complete.  He has broken up with no less than two girls.  Working on dating another.  For him, life is good.  For us?  Kinda sad he broke up with the first of the two.  She was awesome.
  • I have been busy cooking lots of different stuff, now that we don't have the mess hall.  Mr. Oz has found the glory of chicken and waffles.  Grandpa is truly enjoying home cooked meals.  I have put a few pounds on Grandpa (and Mr. Oz - much to Mr. Oz's chagrin).  Grandpa is happy.  He is looking good.
  • The King and his bestie went to Art Camp last week.  Half-days.  They had a ball.  Oh yeah.  There was a performance on Friday.  Too cute.  

And with that....I will leave you with pictures of the two campers.  The theme was africa and art - which explains the face painting.  Dancing. Acting, Singing.  And a Certificate - which as we all know from Music Man - makes them "Official"

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Beth said...

Yay! I've been waiting for an update! I'll be praying for you guys tomorrow. Job hunting sucks. :(

dkuroiwa said...

yes, you have been missed and i'd love to comment more but since you mentioned toledo, i automatically think of tony packo's and now i'm craving some bbq. thanks for that.
(i used to live in findlay a looooong time ago for a very short time and yes, i had my own pair of 'tony packo's fresh buns' shorts!!!)
have a great week!!

JO said...

Hmmmmm...perhaps it is time for a Tony Packo's care package - for both you D and for Beth! (She is a big fan too, and lives in Cinti!) Hot dog sauce, hot pickles....hmmmm...the list could be endless.

Photo Retouching Online said...
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Carol P. said...

Sniff! I loved that color! Just don't go too dark down there -- the room doesn't get much natural light :)

Glad to hear things are going well! I need to update my blog but we have a big deadline at work tomorrow, and between that and ...life, well, things just haven't lined up enough to actually post pictures of last day of school and such....

dkuroiwa said...

i'm laughing now and remembering the episode of M*A*S*H where Klinger had ribs sent to Korea!!! oh, just the thought...yummmmm...
actually....a t-shirt would be just as good!!! ;-) we could work out a t-shirt trade, perhaps.....
happy 4th to you and your family!!