Back to School in Oz!

Hunter has officially returned to school this morning, thrilled to be leaving the house for the first time since he was at the Doctor on Monday. Whoda thunk that this little guy would be happy about heading out the door to school?

I knew he was feeling better when he started hauling out Xmas toys during the day late on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the Dr had put a kibosh on the ol' school routine until this morning..so Hunter felt like he had a freebie vacation day yesterday....even asking me if he could go to Hockey Practice last night. (Okay, that was a resounding NOPE!!!!)

So off he went this morning....little does HE know that he is facing three days worth of make-up work....hey....perhaps he will consult the Book of Genuises again and find much needed answers for worksheets?!

Whew...the Land of Oz seems to be returning to normal. One at daycare (oops...Pre-school) and only on 1 prescription now, one back at school (okay..he has a couple more days of 3 prescriptions!!), and me.....I am just glad that the munchkins are back to smiling, laughing, and in general causing chaos in Oz Land.

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