Given that it is Monday...

Given that it is Monday, which means a return to the work week after a long weekend at the Rink, one little Master Lucas decided that he was going to party all night....and I do mean ALL NIGHT. From about 12:30 a.m. on, he wanted to sleep in fits and starts, rather than sleep the night through. At one point, he was happily chattering away, while smashing his "oh so cute" little fist on my face.....I had brought him into our bed to see if he would settle down and must have drifted off...BIG MISTAKE! Of course..he enjoyed it! "Hey Mama....wake up and party with me!"

Hence...nothing witty or wonderful to say today....except I am so durn tired that I am no longer seeing straight. As it is my night at hockey practice.....only 4 more hours until bedtime! YEA! And Double Yea...it is Daddy's night with Lukey! Party on Luke....you are Daddy's tonight!

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Carol P. said...

But I'm betting he'll sleep on Dad's watch -- at least that's always how it is around here... Besides, he's tired after being up all night last night!