Somewhere...over the playpen

Alrighty then....indulge my poetic side...

I walked into the house
And what do I see?
Two little eyes, peering at me.
They weren't blocked by the mesh
Of the playpen's side veil,
These bright little eyes...
Were over top of the rail!

Whew...got that poet stuff out. Big bother Hunter has been working with little bother on the whole standing thing. Can running and jumping be far behind?! Well..hopefully we "cruise" first...

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Carol P. said...

Hey! We used that song with all 3 of mine, dancing their hands and singing to 'em while they were standing in my lap.

I'm still standin, better than I ever did.
Lookin' like a true survivor!
Lookin' like a little kid!

I'm still standin' after all this time!
Gonna be chasin soon after whatever's on my mind.

I'm still standin! Yeah, Yeah! Yeah!

I suppose that dates both of us pretty accurately...