Augmentin....Liquid Gold...or a Nutritional Source?

Welcome to my diatribe on Augmentin....the antibiotic of choice for Master Lucas.

Yesterday (before my hockey debut), Lukey and Momma wandered again off to the Doctor as Lukey decided to spike yet another fever. Greeeeaaat. T'was supposed to be his first day in Baby Room Two...and instead he spent it in Lukey's house 1. The diagnosis? Ear Infection and chest infection. Surprise. This child has had 5, count 'em 5 ear chest infections. Of course..these seem to coincide with his Synagis vaccination (RSV)....but the pediatricians officially think I am crazy. They just think that he gets a lot of ear infections. Hmmm....3-5 days after the vaccination (once a month from October to March), he spikes a fever, then proceeds to get an ear infection.

Now...as far as I am concerned, 1 ear infection after a shot is unreleated, two is a little weird but can be unrelated, three crosses into "not so coincidental", number four is "hey...there is something going on here" and #5 to me says...."Um...there is an issue here......how can we address it?". Of course..the Ped's (who actually WENT to med school) say "that isn't a normal response from the RSV shot...it contains nothing live..so you are nuts".

Which leads me to this.....some Ped's call Augmentin "Liquid Gold" as it clears infection in infants in a heartbeat. But I am wondering what it's nutritional value is because Luke is now thinking that it is part of his regular diet....of 5 infections, he has had it for 3..which means he has been on it 30 days out of the 273 days he has been alive...that is 1/10th of his life....hmm.......That being said, Lukey is really good at making fountain movements with his mouth..shooting medicine straight up in the air! That ought to serve him well as he grows huh!

(Oh....and no..he didn't go to the rink last night to watch Mom play.....he stayed home with his Auntie Belle....his second favorite sitter next to his beloved Allison)

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