Now can the weekend start?!

Tis 3:30 on Sunday afternoon and we just arrived home from the Rink. Hunter had a successful day..two goals and 1 penalty. The team won both games, one 3-1, and one 5-0. All in all, Hunter scored the First (and only) Goal in the first game yesterday, the first goal in the game this morning and the first goal in the game this afternoon. Wow...a "firsts" hatrick. Not too shabby for a kid who, for the most part this weekend, has been sick.

I am just wondering though...now can the weekend start? I have cleaning and laundry and grocery shopping and bill paying left to do...and only a couple of hours in which to do it before the week starts again. Whew...no wonder it seems like a non-stop life!

Have a great weekend! (What's left of it!)

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