So what does a hockey mom do...

So what does a hockey mom do when she gets a Saturday off of hockey (because hockey dad was in charge) to hang out with only her youngest kiddo? I know...it is a burning question on your mind!

Dean and Hunter departed the house at 8:45 this morning headed for Indianapolis (where Hunter scored 1 goal, and racked a 10 and 2 penalty for a hit from behind...luckily without malice, it was just an odd hit). At 9:00 a.m., I made my list of things I would like to accomplish in and amongst playing with Lukey! (There are naps as you well know where Moms can accomplish a lot!).

Okay...so there were only 17 things on my list. Mundane things like paying bills, moving clothes that Master Lukey has outgrown into the eaves storage, and RE-cancelling my previous homeowners insurance (don't get me started....we had an agent who couldn't keep her act together, allowed a 65% increase in a claim free year...okay...a claim free LIFE! and who, after 2 sets of notification that we wouldn't be renewing still hasn't managed to cancel it..)...and then there were exciting things like balancing the checkbook, getting a stain out of the great room carpet, laundry, grocery shopping, a bath for the baby, cleaning out the fireplace, a bank deposit, removing the layer of grime from the kitchen floor, etc. Whew! Exhausted yet? Hey....you were the one with the burning question as to what a hockey mom does when she gets a free Saturday!

Well..here we are at 8:30 p.m., the Lukey is sleeping...the boys are about 15 minutes out from arriving home...and the final item has been checked off the list!

So what is on tap for tommorrow? Two games in Cincinnati..and a WHOLE lot of nothin else for this hockey mom! (Okay, I lie.....there is laundry, and always more housework I can find...but there is nothing pressing! Yea me!)

Gnite all..there is still a baby to play with who will be waking up soon!

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