What a Flu-ke.....

For the second (or third or fourth..who the bejeezus knows) time, the Hunter is down with something nasty. Got a call this morning from school that he wasn't feeling well, and that he needed to be picked up. Vroom Vroom...off I went to get him.

So let's take a tally here..Luke on antibiotics, Hunter feeling fluey, me starting to sniffle, Dean starting to cough....it truly is a conspiracy.

That being said...Mr. Sunshine himself (Lukey) has been growing again by leaps and bounds developmentally. Sit him down on the floor and he hops right back up grabbing whatever he can get his hands on. Mr. Smiley also finds it very easy to race off to areas he isn't allowed and getting his hands on whatever he wants....ah...9 months old this weekend...he is thinking about entering his terrible twos.....with a big ol' grin.

Twill be a busy weekend here in Oz...provided Hunter is feeling better. 4 hockey games (home..thankfully) and a State Music Competition (get a "I"...get a "I"!!)...so there is no time for Dean or I to be "illin". Here's hoping it is just allergies!

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