Lazy Hazy Crazy....

"Roll out those lazy hazy crazy days of summer..." Whew..it has been hot here....so glad that we got the AC fixed during the last heatwave. Yesterday's high was around 95, currently we sit at 89 and it is 9:00 at night (I think it was around 95 today as well!). Tommorrow...more of the same (with a few isolated thunderstorms thrown in!) Whew.....tis scorchers around here!

Got a chance to chat with Sgt. Sparky last evening to wish him a happy birthday. Word back from him, as well as his commandant is that he is doing awesome! We are soooo proud of him! Of course...he had to request a care package of food...seems he has been sharing like crazy!

This morning..shipped off a care package with candy, etc., through our lovely US Postal service. Fast fact....a package shipped from here to his camp....two day priority..that is filled with candy and fishing lures....only costs 9.50! Of course..it is an 11 lb. box of candy and fishing lures.....

Master Ankle Biter mastered a new trick today. Since he was seven months old, we have been offering sippy cups, straw cups...heck every type of cup known to little toddlers. Ye old Obstinate one (where does he get that?!) thoroughly refused ALL of these implements....viewing them either as a fountain/waterfall...or as a projectile. Today, of all days, he decided to actually suck from a straw cup...grin...giggle..and do it all over again! YEA LITTLE OZ BOY!

Tonight he had another round of swummin....gosh...he loves the water. I could be a mass of prunes and little swimmy swimmy boy doesn't want to get out. I gotta tell ya.....it really is nice to have the pool....especially given the weather!

Well..time to do a little laundry and pick up a little. Was trying to hold off having to start the dryer until the air cooled down a little. Stay cool y'all...we sure are tryin here!

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