Good Luck Movin Up, Cuz He's.....Movin Out

Somebody has a new weapon of mass destruction. It required studying,

Some laughing by his little brother

and two failed tests before - yup - an official learners permit.

Watch it folks - he's on the road! (For the next 180 days, with his Mom or Dad - but on the road nonetheless!)

Congrats H (yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you....I did indeed let him drive the Bee!)
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Carol P. said...

Go Cadet! Congratulations!!!

And when you're ready for a road trip, Oregon beckons!

DF said...

Road Trip to NC calls!

DF said...

Have permit, will travel!

Carol P. said...

Hey Cadet, a trip to Oregon involves multiple days of driving. Lots of time to practice and in new situations!

Have you ever driven a car above 7000ft elevation? You can do side trips that'll get you up close to 10K feet. See the paint pots and geysers at Yellowstone. See real genuine lava flows. Oregon Trail ruts. Actual glaciers (see 'em before they melt!). A blasted off volcano.

Can't do that back east on a road trip to NC.

Take that, DF....

DF said...

You can come to NC and see real Army, Navy and Marine bases, B52's Flying, places where your ancestors trod and learn about real American history, you know Revolutionary War, Civil War and the War of 1812. Can't do that our west.

Take that carol p

meh said...

OK I trump you all. We have "the beltway." Makes jello out of the most experienced driver. Not sure you want the Cadet to try that one when you come out, but I'm pretty sure he can't get that experience anywhere else. Maybe try it at 6a.m. like my friends have been doing with their young permit holders! OH and the national monuments and sightseeing? Goes without saying, we win. We have it all - mountains, lakes, the mucky potomac river, presidential houses of old (MT vernon), you name it.

And you did get the "coolest mom in the world" award for letting him drive that precious car, right??

OH I'm curious - he failed twice? Did he get to re-take it immediately? out here they have to wait 30 days if they fail it to try again. Really makes them study hard the first time!

JO said...

Wow - sounds like we need to make a western and southern roadtrip! But MEH is right - our next major roadtrip is towards the beltway - DF is spending FAR too much time with the Cuz that I want to spend time with! NO FREAKIN FAIR! Go visit Judy and Cathy DF! LOL!

Oh, and yup, they can take the test 1x per day until they pass - if they aren't in Drivers Ed. In Drivers Ed, they have to pass all test in three total (written and driving) or they have to wait 180 days. So far, we are opting for no drivers ed - no discount on the insurance, and he would get his true license at the same time either way. (You have to wait 60 days after drivers ed - which means his school would be in session, or 180 days after your 16th bday - which means Xmas eve - which would be about when his schedule would permit getting the DL anyhoo.)

Carol P. said...

I just want to say that, sorry meh, you don't have mountains back east. Big hills, yes. Mountains, sorry. Mt. Washington is the closest to a real mountain, but only because it sticks up into the jet stream....

But I agree with driving on the beltway. It was great fun, right up there with the old rotary at the end of Rt. 2 in Boston.