Oh the weather outside...

Two weeks away from Hunter going to camp and what happens...the Heat Pump a/c seems to want to go on the fritz. I have serious visions of dollars floating out of Oz..and into the pockets of a local HVAC company. I knew in April something was going wrong (slightly) with the system as it needed a recharge. Brought out an HVAC company and 230 dollars later...we seemed good to go. Alas....not quite.

Given that it has been downright disgustingly hot here in the mid-south...85-90..heat index in the 100 range...the house is really icky...not conducive for sleeping (Lukey got up last night at 1:30..just about 1/2 hour after I went to bed and stayed up until 4:20..which means this blogger is workin on a total of 2.5 hours sleep and feelin every minute of it!)

Just when I was ready to commit hari kari over the whole A/C vs. Camp issue...a wonderful big brother wandered into my back yard (and scared me to death..but that is a story for another day). After taking a quick look at the unit..he informed me that the unit was manufactured on 9/2001 which means it still should be under some kind of warranty. YEA! YEA YEA YEA!

We looked up the local warranty provider and found out it was the HVAC co that I had out here in April. I am calling them this morning (although I will have to pay the diagnostic fees, and labor!)...but am also calling them loaded for a little bear. I said to my wonderful bro "Don'tcha think the dude that came out on a "no cooling" call could or would have said "this unit isn't that old and may be covered under a warranty". My big bro suggested that when I call them this morning, I indicate that the $230 I already spent should have been a clue to the guy that there was something wrong, that it may be warranty based on the date of manufacture, etc., and see if I can't cut some sort of amenable deal...we shall see...

That being said..had a wonderful visit with my big brother...and I am sure he is as tired this morning as I am (he left around 12:40 a.m)! Plus...he may have saved me several thousand dollars! Keep your fingers crossed!

Well...it is my turn to wake up Lukey (rather than the other way around!). Then hi ho hi ho..tis off to work I go....3/4 asleep...hot and ready for winter again.

(ps - To my biggest sis....love you...prayers are flyin your way that everything turns out to be squat...but that being said...LOVE YOU!)

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