Swimmin..Swimmin...Just Keep Swimmin'

Last evening was just right for a little trip into the Oz Pool for the littlest master of Oz land. The Temp outside was a balmy 87, and the temp in the pool was a glorious 82....

So on goes the Huggies little swimmer diaper, on goes the Swimmy Suit (for master little one, as well as Momma Oz and Daddy Oz) and into the pewl we went....

And then it starts...

The feet are a kickin, the hands are a splashin' and the sounds of glee arise from the little floater ring that Toddler Oz boy is tooling around in (with parental help of course). Spent about 45 minutes splashin away, doing spinny-spinnys....and in general..being a water rat. Ahh....the sounds of summer!

Of course...being ever so careful to not get water in his ears....he still began tugging at his right one shortly after exiting the pool...then again..the Dr. ENT did indeed say he thought little swimmy boy was getting ready to break into another infection...so I believe that today may be a pediatrician day. Arghhhhh! I am working with some homeopathic stuff though that seems to keep Ear Boy calmer and more comfortable (Gentle Natural's Ear Infection goop)...so we will see if we can't keep it at bay long enough for tube world next week. Ahhh..tube world.....then we enter the land of ear plugs in the swimmy pewl, and the like. Keep your fingers crossed that this ends the cycle. I genuinely worry about all of the antibiotics he has been on in his little life..so thought I would try some of the homeo stuff...perhaps our grandparents and great grandparents were ON to something when they treated illnesses with Chamomile, Plantain, and the like!

Speaking of homeo stuff...have I got a GREAT one for those of you who are suceptible to pink eye! Similasan Pink Eye Relief. Tis an OTC eye drop that I happened to learn about when seaching for info ON pink eye on the web. Picked some up a couple of hours later (found it on the morning I was diagnosed) and began to use it. Within 2 hours, the eye was no longer pink..and everytime the eye began to feel like it was going to go crazy...I would put drops in (you can use it as often as you like)...and ahhhhhhhhhh...relief. I swear it shortened the course of the infection (Dr. diagnosed it as Adenovirus Conjunctivitis) from the Dr indicated 7-10 days...to about 4. Considering the only other drops I had for use were from the Doctor and weren't antibiotic in nature (of course..it was a VIRUS!) but for use in allergy type situations (and burned like the dickens!)...this stuff quickly took the place of the prescribed stuff. Again..I wonder if our forefathers weren't on to something.

Don't get me wrong...I am not turning "earthy woodsy"...but heck...one of the best heart medicines in use by physicians today for regulating heart beat in Congestive Heart Failure patients is Digitalis glycosides...(aka "Didge" in the medical world), and of course..you gardeners out there know...Digitalis purpurea is also known as FOXGLOVE...so.....well...you get my drift...even MEDICINE uses homeopathic cures right?! (Although of course...now synthesized!)

To quote Forrest Gump..."And that is all I have to say about that!" (Kaboom..falling off my soapbox!)

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