What a fun Friday!

One of my employer's major carriers invited the benefits staff and family to join them at the Minor League Baseball game last evening. (Okay..so that major carrier is my former employer!)

Off the Oz family went (during a steamy night!), to enjoy the confines of the Upper Level Suite and Terrace. Both Oz young-stas enjoyed making new friends...and watching the game. A good time was had by all.

Of course..it was dang hot (weather report weather report!) so littlest Oz prince, Mom and Dad spent a lot of time in the suite where it was cooler (not by much...but cooler!)...while Older Oz prince sat out on the terrace and watched most of the game!

Post game, off we went to our wonderfully air conditioned 72 degree house (AC report AC report!!). Ahhh....early summer in the mid-south!

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