Another Half-Hour

Another half-hour in the land of 13's bedroom...another list of what the heck?!!!

Last evenings adventure found me surrounded by more broken toys, some more items for my upcoming garage sale (Hulk Hands anybody?!), NO half-eaten food (at least not in the closet which is still where I am working), more clothes that don't fit (and will be totally out of style by the time king gettin' up in the night gets to be that age), and the usual bits and baubles of games that seem to have become separated from their rightful boxes. So in this case...nothing too exciting...but I can honestly say that I have another half-hour in the books, and that tonight..I actually MIGHT even get out of the closet and move on to another next part of the room.

Meanwhile, Master Lukey dropped off to sleep last night just before 8:30 (the usual has been 10). With only minimal waking (4x, and each time he was back to sleep within 5 minutes), dare I say that the true King and Queen of Oz might be winning the battle? Nah....last night was just an easy one comparatively.

Today is to be a hot one with the heat index up in the low 100's...man..and I was finally gonna cut the grass! Bummer (that's all I need, another excuse to not cut the grass!!!). So from the land of Oz I give you (and me!) the advice...stay cool!

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