Can barely keep my eyes open..

After an extremely busy day of work..then work at home...can barely keep my eyes open (so 'scuse the typos!). Trying to get the house in some semblance of order....it doesn't seem like it is working though!

That being said..tis time for another round of "What did Mom find in the 13 year old's room"....

One Hotwheels Car named "rigor motor" (ah...someone after our own heart with plays on words!)

A Mark McGwire Facsimile Baseball from when he hit 62 home runs (okay..I KNOW we didn't buy this..and I can't remember the 13 year old buying it...leftover from the previous owners?)

A Nolan Ryan Cooperstown Express baseball (ditto on this one too..this kid has never been into baseball!)

Videos by the score (when did we buy every video that Disney ever produced...and where did the kid pick up Shirley Temple videos?!)

A Kelloggs Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse Bobblehead (again..huh?!)

Did I mention Hulk Hands (foam hands that roar like the Incredible Hulk)?

Ah...this is getting fun! And the garage sale is getting larger..that is if I can keep him out of the garage sale boxes until then (he is a pack rat who will keep broken stuff..just cuz he might need it someday!)

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