HOT Fun in the Summertime

Hit the car at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday morning; off on an adventure to Northern Indiana to see Sgt. Sparky. The other Oz boys were still sawing logs as I pulled out of the driveway with a 300+ mile trip ahead of me.

Arrived at the camp at 9:15 their time, just in time for formation at the flagpole for a police call of the grounds. Learned from the Commandant that there was to be a Hiawatha Paegent practice after police call, so let Sgt Spark know that I was gonna head out for a little while and would be back in time to pick him up for leave.

As an aside, I have to tell you, northern Indiana is probably the jewel of all of the State of Indiana. You really get a sense of peace up in that area that you don't typically find elsewhere.

Wandered into the County Seat near the camp and stumbled across many many Amish Folk doing their Saturday morning "thing" (just like the "english"...shopping, wrangling kids, etc.) T'was a "traffic jam" behind the courthouse with all of the buggies lined up while their owners were off shopping, etc. The day's heat had not yet settled in, and the air was clear...which meant that everyone was out in force! After spending time looking at the buggies, and wandering through the 3 blocks of the downtown area...I decided to head into Shipshewana to see what was going on there. Again, many of the Amish residents were busy doing their saturday morning thing, and many of the English were busy shopping and buying the many items that the Amish were selling. I saw some of the neatest buggies..including one that a 10 (ish) year old boy was driving that looked like a harness racing buggy...that he had souped up with a little bit of carpet, etc.

After leisurely killing an hour, back to Camp I went where I signed out Sgt Spark and off we went for the day's adventures. After tha usual Applebees lunch...we decided to see what we could see heading out to Coldwater MI. The neat thing about back roads in any State is that you stumble across unique stores and attractions. And we did.

We came across Sauk Trail Trading Post, "home of the largest selection of Minnetonka Moccasins this side of the Mississippi". Ya know..being a Faison at heart.....I just HAD to stop to see the largest selection of these moccasins...and a large selection they had. Besides..I was up in the area for a Hiawatha Pagent, so....ya know...indian stuff and all!

Sgt Rodent and I wandered through looking at the Moccs, as well as the large seletion of indian gear...and then of course had to stop and take the requisite picture at the "take a picture with me" bear!

Then off we went in search of something else fun to do. Decided to head off and see what was happening in the hopping town of Angola...

Okay...nothing happens in the hopping town of Angola....

Just kidding...we came upon an old time, family owned Amusement park..so decided to stop in and see what kind of rides, etc they had. (www.funspotpark.com). they had about 20 rides...including 2 roller coasters which we didn't ride (one seemed to keep breaking down..and the other required a walk up 100 stairs...which we declared it was too hot to do). After riding all of the old standards including a tilt-a-whirl, tiki-twirl, paratrooper, etc., and wandering a really cool glass maze (as well as seeing the rescued "big cats" like lions, tigers, pumas, etc in the zoo), we decided to head back towards camp as he had an early report from Pass for the Hiawatha Pagaent. (Usually..they can stay out until 7, but had to be back by 6 on this evening).

After stopping at a bait and tackle shop on our way back, we arrived at the camp in time for Evening Mess (we had already eaten). So off we went to the Lagoon so that the Sgt could try out his new bait ... and tackle of course. 45 minutes worth of casting by the Sgt...and 45 minutes of being skunked! Spent time after fishing hanging out with some of his friends (who I think were feeling very Mom deprived..as they all were trying to outdo one another to capture my attention with stories and antics!) Then the Sarge was off to get ready for the play that was to take place at dark (9:00 indiana time). Seems Sgt. Spark held the lead role....yup...I had just spent the entire day with Hiawatha himself!

The story of Hiwatha was gripping and compelling, and the lead actor did a fabulous job, but of course...because the pagaent was done in a natural ampitheatre there are no pictures..due to the darkness. But...I did manage to capture Sgt Hiawatha after the play..... feeling very proud of himself for doing such an awesome job! His cry of "Minnehaha" upon her death was truly heartwrenching...tee hee!

Then it was back to the hotel as I had been up since 0'dark thirty...and it was now 11:00 my time!

Sunday invovled Chapel at the Main Campus, then a parade on the main parade field (see pics below), followed by lunch in town, and a requisite trip to Walmart before dropping the Sarge off at the camp and heading back home to the Other Ozlanders.

Arrived home at about 6:45 to a very happy King Little One...as well as a very happy Mr. Oz. Of course....the King was too busy being excited that Mommy was home..which meant that he didn't head off to bed until midnight.....which means that I am thoroughly exhausted this morning after such a busy weekend!

Ah well...only 3 more days and we head back up to steal the Sarge and bring him home. There will be plenty of time for sleep then!

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