Just another day in paradise...

The Weathercasters say...the rain should end today...with Thundershower chances this weekend...but coming from the west rather that from Dennis. Whew...perhaps the ol' lawn will get mowed this weekend (in between my "Helper Shift" at the youth hockey yard sale Saturday, and hubby/me helping at the hockey rink cleanup on Sunday)

Sent emails to several of my sibs this morning about a listserv group that I am on called Freecycle. If you haven't ever heard of it...it is a really cool organization (www.freecycle.org) that you can join locally to get rid of stuff you no longer want...or perhaps find a new home in your home for stuff that you were looking for. You join the group via your local yahoo groups org (you can find out if you have a local group via the freecycle website). You can post stuff you no longer want, but don't want to put out for the trash and you can respond to posts for things you might want. The catch? It isn't a place to sell stuff...it is a place to give stuff away. For example...since joining, I have removed from my yard a porcelain pedestal sink that the previous owners were using as a planter, a grill that needed work (burners, grates, etc.), and a 55 gallon oil drum that was slightly rusted (but that would make a great burn barrel for someone in the country!). These were all things that Mr. Oz and I were trying to figure out how to get the garbage man to take. Posted 'em on Freecycle and within 3 days, they were outta my yard and driveway...and winging their way to a new home. I have seen all kinds of stuff on our local list, from baby gear, to antiques, to coupons, to cars and car parts. Fun fun fun! Just thought I would share.

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