Just Had to Post..

Given the current situation in London this morning, and the fact that it seems the terrorists may be thinking about "stepping things up" I felt the burning need to share the following three quotes that I heard on Bill Bennett's "Morning in America" this morning, made by his guest (sorry...I didn't get his name)...

(This was attributed to another gent) "Americans will choke on a gnat, yet we can swallow a tiger whole" (Aka..the partisianship shown by all of our leaders...yet we can come together when we are threatened)

And here are my total favorites:

"I would pit our special forces against the jihadi-nutbags anyday" (So would I! As well as our regular forces!!!!)

"When threatened (sic), America becomes a helicopter of fists"

Helicopter of fists...I love that.

Okay..I am off my soapbox now...with a final thanks to our men and women overseas...our own helicopter of fists.

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