Laundry and Cleaning and Packing...Oh My!

Have one more evening to complete the laundry, cleaning and packing for the trip up to pick up Sgt. Spark at camp this weekend. I am excited that we get to go get him...but...am looking around the house and thinking...I didn't get nearly everything accomplished that I wanted to while he was gone!

My grand ideas of getting all the rooms decluttered have failed miserably (King Smiley Face's is pretty much done..Funk Master Rodent's is pretty much done..that that is pretty much it!). Well I guess I can look on the bright side, I have finally been able to go through the 13 year old's clothes and remove those that no longer fit, but are taking up room in his dressers right? And there are no more Hulk Hands to trip over...and if you open the Small Soldiers Video tape case it actually has Small Soldiers in it. I 'spose I can declutter WITH him around (although he will be pawing through the stuff seeing what he can cram in his room!).

Grand ideas...ain't they "grand".

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