The pitter patter..

The pitter patter of rain still falls..the lawn is beginning to look quite lush (and overgrown), and the flowers are really going gang busters. Ahhh...Dennis....our friend. If you look at the radar, you will find the storm, although not "big" keeps dancin over our heads....prayers answered by a Million Folks in our hometown? In the words of "Squirt" and "Crush" the turtles riding the EAC in Finding Nemo "Sweeeeeeettt".

The little one seems to be growing with the rain as well. He is now following simple commands ("Give me your book", etc.) and although not speaking a gazillion words (which means he is only ready for middleschool, not college yet), he is pointing to the things he wants, or picking folks out of pictures when I ask "Where is Sparky (or Daddy, or Mommy, etc.)" He is a great imitator of sounds (he likes it when Mommy does the monkey sound), and seems to love music (stopping whenever he hears music on the tv, as wel as setting off his musical toys and dancing and laughing!). Thankfully, the Doodlebops seem to be shoved aside for a much more tolerable "Bear and the Big Blue House"...although somebody likes the Wiggles as well. Rather than walking, this kid flat out runs everywhere ...especially when there is food involved (last nights snack...Ice Cream with Daddy..and a Reese's PB Cup with Mom..back and forth across the greatroom..running for a bite here..and a bit there!) I used to hear my Aunts and Mom talking about "they grow too fast"....dang...again my Mom was right (along with my Aunts!). That makes the gazillionth thing that Mom (and Dad!) were right about....I guess I oughta learn by now!!

Have a great day!

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