Quite the Relaxing Weekend!

Spent most of yesterday (as you can see from the pictures below), just hanging out around outside...with the rest of the day hiding INSIDE from the heat. Seems our break from the heatwave was approximately a day and a half, with yesterday being high humidity and temps in the lower 90s. Hey Canada, send us some arctic air please!

Took the babe swimmin for a little while...he is really quite the water rat. Have to be careful not to get water in his ears, as he is refusing to wear ear-plugs...I am not giving up on it though...hopefully if I keep trying he will eventually get used to it. We should find out today or tomorrow what the bacteria is/was that is causing the ear infections so hopefully we can knock the whole shootin match out at one time! Of course..as long as he has tubes...he has to wear the ear plugs...so...

Also wandered around the yard, watering the posies that were looking a little heat-worn (which pretty much is all of them), and seeing what is trying to bloom now (tiger lilies, etc.). The yard really is coming together, although there are still too many weeds!

Last night, took the little one outside to watch some of the neighborhood displays of fireworks for the 4th of July. At first he was interested...then began to get squirmy/anxious, as they got a little louder. Kept jumping between Momma and Dad Oz's arms...before finally settling back in to watch a few more. Kept spinning his head as there were "works" going off on our street, and then from the house behind ours...."Yea Fireworks" received a bunch of claps from the little one!

So our "Independence" weekend was spent...swimming, working in the yard, picking up the house, playing with friends in the pool, swinging on our porch swing, and watching fireworks! How bout yours?! Did ya have fun?

(A hats off to our forefathers for working together to give us the right to celebrate our Independence!!!)

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