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Another version of "deep thoughts" with Mrs. Oz....
The littlest Oz has been chatting with his big brubah, via a picture under the glass of the coffee table. Tis a picture that appears below in the blog..the "brubahs forever photo". He keeps patting the picture..pointing to the Sparkinator, and squealing or saying "hi"...

Of course..he is also trying to share his snack everyday with the photo. (Luckily under glass!!). Crackers, milk, graham cracker stix, you name it...Da Dukey thinks his brub just might want it...it is too funny to watch.

Yesterday LTC Oz (Mr. Oz's Brother) took command of the 1st Cav, 1st Division 115 Forward Support Battalion. Way to go Colonel Oz! Thanks for 17 years of service to the country..and congrats on the Batallion command! Wish we could have been there for the ceremony...the Spark really would have enjoyed the pomp and circumstance of it all! (As would we!) We are proud of ya Colonel...as well as proud of the BC's wife...Mrs. Colonel Oz!
I am truly tired of the commercials I am hearing on the radio from both the left and the right, regarding the future of the Supreme Court. This is partisian politics at its very worst. The President has yet to even nominate someone; the pundits on both sides just "think" they know who he is going to throw out there to the wolves. Here is a thought...

Let's wait until there is truly a nominee on the table. Then, rather than listening to the Republican Party, the Democrat Party, CNN, NBC, CBS, or even Fox News, lets all hop on the web, do our OWN research from all sources (credible or not...your choice), decide how well this nominee's history on the bench aligns with our own ideals and thoughts, decide how well the history aligns with the US Constitution; figure out whether or not the nominee tries to make law rather than interpret it (which annoys me to no end!). Lets make our own judgement call as to whether or not this nominee actually is appropriate for the bench.

Let's not use this opening on the Supreme Court as another partisian "fight". This is the highest court in the nation...lets keep the integrity of the Court intact...not blown out of the water by Legislators and their petty bickering.

Yes, my politics lean towards the more conservative side of things, but I also refuse to be a "drone". In this world of 30 second soundbites on the news or talk shows, folks have forgotten how to actually investigate something, remove the bias and distill it, and make up their own opinion. It seems, today, that it is far easier to say "Bush lied" (about what, specifically, give me details, which often aren't forthcoming), or "I hate Bush" (I didn't even know you knew him! When did you meet him!) or "Carey is an idiot" (really...his educational credentials say he is pretty smart!), or "Hillary Clinton has an alterior motive" (based on what, specifically, and what would her motive serve?!) When folks say these things to me, I oft say (to the "right" side) "Turn off the Radio Talk Show, or at least turn it down, and read up on what they are telling you. Make the fiction you may be believing, more factual; (to the Left Side) "Turn off CNN, or at least turn it down, and read up on what they are saying. Make the fiction you may be believing more factual". Arrgghhh....when did the American people cease to be able to make their own opinions rather than parrot what they hear on the news and radio??!!!

(ka thunk....falling off my soapbox!)

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