Sleepiness in the land of Oz...

Dad Oz and Momma Oz are exhausted...we have been battling the king (little k) of Ozland over sleeping at night. I thought, at 14 months, the "party all night" attitude would be gone, but it seems like the king wants to head off to college and be totally prepared. Somebody likes to get up at around 2:30 or 3:00 and either scream and cry (if he is in his bed) or jump up and down and laugh and giggle (if he is in ours). That lasts for about an hour before he heads back into dreamworld. A massive research project is underway by Momma Oz to determine what the Ozzies are doing wrong, as parents, and how to get the little one to become Chief Sleeps through the Night, rather than King I wanna Play at 3:00 a.m. Have been working the "cry it out" thing (checking on him every 10 minutes), but with limited success. Where did this kiddo get his ability to be so obstinate?! (Must be the Oz side as my side shows no sign of obstinence...much!)

Through my exhausted haze, I have been working on the Older Oz child's room, in an effort to get it clean and organized before he comes home from camp at the end of next week. Tis amazing what you find in a 13 year old's room (who keeps it "quasi clean" on the surface...but in reality has just stuffed all of his stuff under the bed and in the closet). I have pulled out bags of clothes that no longer fit, completed homework that was never turned in (oh..so that is where it all went!), half-built models that were broken in the building process, pieces of paper with two lines drawn on them (hey...they were colored...2 lines...and then somebody got a new piece of paper!), notes from classmates ("Do you think x likes y, or do you think x likes me?"), a stale dated christmas gift check that I have torn the house apart looking for (and that is now winging its way back to the giftors...with mega thanks and apologies for not cashing...)....and that was just a nights worth of cleaning (of about 30 minutes!) I am taking bets as to what I find next....any thoughts? (and no thoughts of half-eaten food stashed in a deep dark recess..this IS a 13 year olds room..that is a gimme....) Ah well..I have also collected a ton of stuff for a mid-August yard sale that I am planning...so at least there will hopefully be a profit to me!

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