The Spark, The Rink and the Cheeseball...

Spoke with Oldest Rodent today at camp. He has had a blast this past week carving totem poles in handicraps, as well as fishing, swimming and in his school work. He was promoted back to Master Sgt today and was excited about that. I told him..yea....one more week to get to Lt again! He is really trying hard, and the commandant said he did great this week.

Spent a few hours cleaning at the rink this morning. Wiping down walls (that didn't appear to have been wiped down for about 15+ years) in ancipation of painting, etc. reminded me that I should probably do the same at home! Unfortunately, there aren't 15 Hockey Mom's on a mission at home....so I would most likely lose impetus before I even started!

Tonight..the littlest Cheesy Ozlander leared the fun of coloring. Out came the crayons, and the paper....(I was wanted to write the Camper so I had my paper out)...and off he went to color. Of course, he LUVED it. He spent about 15 minutes crayoning away....before he decided to try to eat the crayons. That, in effect, ended the coloring session, much to his royal highness' dismay. Spent about 10 minutes screaming, crying and in general...gnashing his teeth before he realized that Momma and Dad Oz weren't giving in. We even tried to divert his attention by feeding him Blue Moon Ice Cream. T'was real STROH's blue moon ice cream..our local Meijers carries it in scoop form and Mr. Oz so sweetly stopped this afternoon during our errand time to allow me to pick some up since it sounded good on this hot and sticky day! The ice cream worked, temporarily...but it is amazing how much 14 month old toddlers remember about what it is they were crying about! Hadn't heard him scream like that in a long time (at least where we couldn't divert him!!) Okay....since he was coming out of the anesthetic when he had his ears done a couple of weeks ago..but before that...it was when his tongue was clipped for being tongue tied when he was 3 months old!

I think we have a budding artist...to go along with a budding singer...and in general...a budding goofball...just like his big brubah.

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