Tuesdays that Seem Like Mondays

Holidays are awesome, but unfortunately, it makes for a hectic TueMonday. Crazy!

Spoke with SFC Sparky last evening. Seems he and some buddies decided to make up a game that wasn't as "fun" as they thought it would be, and resulted in them getting busted in rank. (Don't ask the game..I couldn't really figure it out). So from Lt to SFC mister Spark went...In speaking with the Camp Director, he said that H was doing a great job...just had a rough 24 hours with anger control (he lost rank for turning his back on the adults questioning him and deciding to walk away rather than listen to what they had to say).

The CD also indicated that Spark had plenty of time to hit Master Sgt again, then Lt before the summer ends. Ahhhhh...the kiddo...ya either luv him or wanna throttle him! The Camp Director also asked if Hunter had a strong interest in the military (note to his Uncle the LTC...Hunt is thinking West Point....and a 1 star minimum!!!), as he really does the military stuff well. Unfortunately, the SFC's rep precedes him, and they (at the camp) know that to bust him in rank means that he works that much harder! He is still Cabin Leader, Mess Sgt., and Platoon Leader...he just sounded bummed about getting busted in rank.

The youngest little General (because he always gets his own way... if there was an 8 star..he would be it!) is doing well. The Doctor called me yesterday and indicated that the ear infection bacteria was.....Haemophilus influenzae...which is the usual infection known to set up housekeeping in the middle ear! He did say that it showed some antibiotic resistance...but nothing too crazy. The little general won't be on any antibiotics though (other than the ear drops he is on right now) until the Dr can seem him again, as there has been no drainage from the ears...which is a good thing!

So what does this all add up to? Life as usual in Oz!

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