Very very busy...

Been very very busy..and so has lukey. He is getting into everthing he can...when he can....and sometimes...even when he can't that doesn't deter him.

Did the mundane things in life today..mowed the jungle, vacuumed the pool (after mowing the jungle....cuz it was 95 degrees when I was mowing!), did some grocery shopping and laundry..and this was all post work! Whew!

Am taking off early in the a.m. to see the bigger Oz child. Daddy Oz and king "kicking my keyboard" (he is sitting on my lap right now blogging with me!) are staying home as we go to pick up the older oz on Wednesday..and figure that it would be too much driving for the little one (Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, Sunday...Yikes..do YOU wanna ride in the car with him!??)

See ya Sunday!

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Lady Disaster said...

just stopping by. interesting blog name o.O ... well stop by mine if u can = )