We are off today (okay...we are off everyday!)

We are off today to help little King Luuuuukey find his bruh-bah. Heading up to the great Steamy Northlands to see SFC Hockey-Boy...I am sure that the anklebiter will be excited to see his big brub..as he has been carrying around a picture book that has pictures of the "Big" in it...and playing peekaboo with the pictures (a favorite game of the Oz boys).

So that we don't have to spend countless hours (and dollars!) in the local town (of course...t'would be fun to spend a day in "Shi*youwanted" land (for those familiar with Indiana..they are familiar with the town!)..)we are getting SFC Brubah out on pass tomorrow and taking him over to Daddy Oz's dad's (about 1.25 hours away) for a day at the lake.

Have a great weekend y'all!

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