Weeeeeee're Back!

The Three Ozlanders who headed up north have returned...tired...but happy to have found and spent time with the littlest Ozlander's bru-bah!

Arrived in Northern Indiana around 10:00 p.m. their time on Friday night...which is 11:00 our time. Of course..the littlest Ozzie wanted to tear around the hotel room and explore until 1:00 a.m. our time...new places and all!

Woke up yesterday morning all excited to see the Big Brub out at camp. Ate a wonderful breakfast that made us smarter (we DID stay at a Holiday Inn Express!) then took off to see the Older Oz kiddo. Arrived at the camp at 9:30 indiana time, and were able to check him out early (it was supposed to be around 11 IN time...)...and the look on Baby Brubs face was priceless when his big brub came running up to him. Leaving camp, we took him off to Lake Land in Michigan to hang out at his PaPa and Grandma's lake! Had a wonderful time...Big Brub caught a 12-13" bass on a first cast off of PaPa's dock...and the little Ozlander enjoyed running around the backyard, playing on the toys, and being spoiled by his PaPa and his Grandma!

Picked him up this a.m. for the requisite trip to Wally World where candy, drinks and fishing supplies were the order of the day. Then to Applebees...where a great lunch was had by all. Back to the camp, we hung out for about another 45 minutes talking to counselors, watching Sgt Sparky march his cabin back to their cabin post mess, and in general hanging out with the Sarge.

After a few goodbyes...and major kissies from baby brub to big brub..we hit the road at about 2 pm. our time and arrived home around 6:30. (Don't do the math..you won't like the speed that Momma Oz had the cruise set to....hey..did ya all know that Indiana has a new speed limit on their interstates? 70!!! Whoo Hooo!)

Had a wonderful time with the older boy, and the younger one really enjoyed seeing his favorite person in the whole world. Wouldn't take his eyes off him yesterday and was afraid to take a nap...for fear that somebody might disappear. Ah....the idolatry of little brothers with their big brothers.

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