The Inventiveness of Kiddos

It never fails to amaze me how inventive kids are. From reading my big sis' blog (mallardfeet.blogspot.com) and the adventures of J, M and E, to watching the wheels and gears turn in nieces and nephews....okay and my own kiddos...it reminds me that it doesn't take much to be successful in the world of business....it just takes the ingenuity and inventivness of being a kiddo. Stepping outside the box to have fun? Nah...to them..they are building the box..with bubble gum and baling wire...and it is stronger than any box we adults can imagine.

Last night, I was out watering my posies in the front yard (which I must say are looking rather worn out!) when the older Oz child realized I was workin with the hose. He and a buddy changed their clothes, deciding it was time for a water fight! After clearing "Chief Mosquitos Like My Sweet Baby Skin" from the line of fire (and taking him inside to get away from those 'squitos)...he and his buddy began to have fun....

About a half hour later, I hear the water still running, and squeals coming from the front yard. I pull up the window shade and what do I see? The kids playing slip-n-slide on the front hill. No biggie right? Except...we don't own a slip n slide..they have watered the grass in the front yard until the grass and ground are slick, and are entertaining themselves by running and baseball sliding down the grass/muddy hill. Those of you who grew up in the Faison household will remember a certain Grandfather (Pop!) who used to threaten bodily harm for those who would walk on the grass on his embankment...because grass is hard to grown on the downslopes...and here kids are flyin through the downslope..tearin up the grass.

So what did I do? Well...chief Oz Slider noticed that I was looking out the window and came running over...yelling through the closed window.."we have to stop right?!". I just gave him a Mom shake of the head (think "Oh My") and closed the blind. I heard shouts of glee from him and his buddy as they continued on their merry slip and slide way, as Oz Slider knew that the closing of the window blind meant tacit approval of whatever they were doing. I figure...hey...I can regrow the grass, plus we are back to being drought-y so it could use the water....and more importantly...I always wanted to slip-n-slide on grass rather than a sheet of plastic (I have to admit..it looked like they were having fun!) Plus..grass grows...but the memories of being a kiddo -- believing you have invented the next best fun thing...that...can't be replaced!

Meanwhile..."King runnin' around the house" was formulating his own plan to escape from his play area. While mom was busy taking a picture of older Brub through the window 10 feet away...the little King was using his "superhuman" strength to push through the gate between the couch and chair...thankfully...we was easily sidetracked...found his sippy cup and forgot what he was doing. (Gotta have a drink ya know!) Then it was off to change the channel on the TV with the remote (ha ha...Mom's busy..the 'mote is MINE!)...then a quick chat on Mom's cellphone (which she left in plain reach of me...after I climbed up on my books, and a toy and stretched to reach it at the back of the couch!).


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