Know any good pool folks?

Ah..the life of a pool owner! Ever since we returned from picking up Lt. Spark at Howe, the pool has been down. At first we thought that perhaps some water loss caused the pump to go dry and seize, but quickly realized the pump was working, it just couldn't draw water off the pool to stay primed.

So what does that mean? Well, typically it means a blocked line, or a collapsed line. So for the last two weeks, we have done nothing to the pool (and it is now a lovely shade of green!!!). Finally, I have the mental energy to deal with it. Do me a favor, think positive "blocked" line thoughts as I look for a pool repair service today. If it is a collapsed line...there is a ton of concrete work (removal and replacement) that would have to be done as the lines are buried around the pool deck....and that I don't have the mental (or monetary!!!) energy to deal with right now!

Ain't pool ownership grande!

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