The last full day of Vacay

Ahh..today is the eldest Oz child's last full day of vacay...tomorrow the eighth grader starts back to school which means..

Earlier to bed at night, earlier to bed for the little oz child as he will be getting up earlier to head to school too, lunches to be packed, buses to be met, homework to be completed (and this year, hopefully, turned in!), and a jam packed morning before work. Whew!

So how is the eldest Oz child planning on spending his last day? Sleeping of course...after all he is a teenager!

And how am I planning on spending the last day of vacay? Well...work, taking little Oz to his pediatrician for his 15 month check up, hitting the grocery store to get lunch material, getting a few more uniform pants for the elder oz...ya know, the usual!

How are YOU planning on spending elder Oz's last day of Vacay?!

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