Yea yea yea...

I know...tis been forever since I have updated...and forever since I included pics! Ya kinda get addicted to the blog don't ya! (I know I do with my big sis' blog mallardfeet.blogspot.com) Seriously, I haven't had much time to sit at the computer.

King Wakes up too early has begun to wake up even before Mr. Oz leaves for work which cuts down on the blog time, and between dinner, picking up, laundry, and playing with the kids...that about sums up my evening times! Plus..add my wallpaper project (which..okay...I admit..I haven't worked on in a few days!), and in general..trying to keep the Oz family together on the move....ya get my drift!

King Sleepnot is picking up new words fairly regularly now including Ow, Book, etc. Amazing to watch his mind work. King Sleepstoomuch (the 13 year old) is in the process of deleting words from his vocab (he came home from camp with a colorful way of speaking sometimes!). Amazing to watch his mind work too! School starts for him next week..the big eight grader is totally not looking forward to heading back!

Will (hopefully) update more tonight! Have a wonderful day y'all!

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