TGIF, I tell ya. Still battling this cold which is driving me crazy....but that aside, it has been the usual crazy week. Hockey, Homework, visitors, and the like...all tied to work! Whew!

Had a wonderful visit with my cousin G Roy! It brought back tons of memories of hanging out at the Grandparents, and playing silly games. Also made me realize how much I miss regular contact with his sister M.E.! It is amazing that we were inseperable when we were together, but can rarely get together now. Sigh. It is the growing up thing I guess. Maybe I am just being particularly trapped in the past given the past few weeks. When did I get grey hair...after all..I (and my cousin M.E., and my neice E, and my niece A, and my niece C, and my SIL J) are the CUTE ones (being the youngest and all).

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