Where is the time going?

I can't believe how fast last week flew by! Where did the time go? Okay, I know that I was in a bit of a fog on Monday and Tuesday, that is to be expected given the type of weekend that I had...BUT...sheesh..it just seems like I came back from Virginia yesterday!

Lots of craziness occurred last week....Mr. Oz's mom was admitted (and then thankfully!) released with a heart issue (keep your fingers crossed that it was random!), there were two hockey practices, Mrs. Oz's birthday, the arrival of a birthday buddy for Mrs. Oz (congrats K & D on the arrival of Nate..Lukey's new god-cousin..Lukey's Godmother's first grandchild!). I lost my birthday buddy Great Aunt many years ago...so now I can dote on Nate just as she doted on Me!!

Then there were two hockey games (where the Prince of Hockey ratcheted up 2 goals, 4 assists, and three penalties, and his team ratched up 2 wins, 2 losses!). After the first two games in Oxford Ohio, we made a slight detour above Cincinnati to check out a new home that my sweetie of a niece and nephew had purchased...Great House B & S...can't wait to see all the walls in "your colors" B, as your colors and tastes are very smiilar to mine!

Of course, there was always the random laundry, dishes and the like too over the past week...so....I guess I can see now where the last week faded away!

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