Blurring by...

So today is Thursday. Usually, I look forward to Thursdays as I always feel like it is weekend-eve....one more day to get everyone off to school on time, one more day to plow through the ever growing stack on my desk at work...one more day before the hockey travels and travails start.......but not this week..

This week, Thursday means that the next four days are going to be outta control busy. King "I go to 'sylvania" and I are off tomorrow to the land of my ancestors for the burial of my sister. The Prince and Mr. Oz are off to Fort Wayne (with two extra hockey players in tow who happen to be spending the night tonight) for a hockey tournament.

Between the four of us and the two cars, we will log approximately 2,000 miles...stay in two hotels, visit 3 sets of grandparents, catch up with 2 Uncles, and a Great Aunt and Uncle or Two, see three hockey games (hopefully more..fingers crossed that they do well!), a trip to a cemetary where (although he won't know it) Luke will be surrounded by more family than he has ever been in his life...sounds like the Oz Family will be busy huh!

Wish us a safe trip!

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