Isn't it funny

I don't know about you, but I am a typical prescription taker when it comes to antibiotics. You take them faithfully until you start to feel better, then you begin to "forget" doses, etc. Usually by about day 6, you are down to remembering one dose a day..and surely, you forget before you EVER get to the 10th day.

Well...here I am on day 9...and still taking them faithfully. Isn't it funny that you expect the antibiotic to work in the first few days, and it becomes an "accessory" rather than a necessity...yet when it doesn't handle the issue with speed and expediency..it becomes totally indispensible. Interesante huh! Hmm..with any luck (keep your fingers crossed), the refill that I need to go get today or tomorrow will be one of those "forgotten" sets of pills after a day or two. At least the sinus headache has abated..which means it must be working some magic. Now...if only I could hear out of my left ear...I might feel a little better. That stuffy feeling of a clogged ear is DRAINING.....and I wish it would drain!

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