It is time for deep thoughts...

Time again for "random thoughts" with Mrs. Oz in Oz Land....

"Kids do the funniest things" - Why is it when the King gets ahold of the remote control and then sees his daddy heading towards him, does he run to Mom, throw the remote at her, spin away and act as if he had been just standing there doing nothing all of the time. I swear...if he could whistle a little "I'm Doing Nothing" tune, he would.

"Sometimes Adults Can Rectify Their Mistakes" - An apology is heading the Prince's way from his hockey coach. He blasted the Prince verbally (and very loudly) on the ice on Sunday during our second game, and then again in the locker room, over a situation that the coaches caused completely. (Six men on the ice for a face off...two defensemen (one named Prince) and four forwards. The late sixth man on the ice was a forward who shares the same name as the Prince. The prince recognized the six men, turned to head off the ice and was waved back by his defensive door coach. The Linesman dropped the puck, the ref blew the whistle for a "do over", and the coach screamed out on the ice directly to the Prince "What part of 'Get off the Ice' H**** do you not understand!!" (the part perhaps where there were only two defensemen..not three?!)...he then proceeded to ride him in front of his team in the locker room over this issue...) A contrite email came yesterday, and an in person apology is coming tonight at practice. Good lesson for the Prince...even adults can make mistakes, recognize them, and make amends.

Our rights are being stomped on - A caller on one of my radio shows this morning actually said "The Catholic Church is stomping on my rights as a Homosexual". Hey buddy...here is a thought. You are arguing for homosexual rights with the US Federal Goverment on the basis of separation of Church (religion) and State (law). So here is a thought. Separation of Church (religion) and State (law)! Rights are law....religion is religion. If you want it separate to make law, then it has to be separate in both directions. If the Catholic Church decries your way of life, then leave the church...the church isn't going to bend to your wishes and "rights"; and it isn't the "right" church for you if its policies and tenets are against your belief. You can't claim to be a member of a faith, then pick and choose the portions of the faith that you want to believe in, and decry the portions of the faith that you think are not worthy of your belief. Pick a religion that aligns with your beliefs dude!

"It's hard to concentrate at this time of year" It is hard at this time of year to concentrate. At work I am thinking about what all needs to be done for the holidays at home. At home I am thinking about what needs to be done at work. In the benefits world, this is "tax time"...the crunch for multiple open enrollments... which means things are crazy all around. No tree up yet at home, 1 week late on getting a benefit kit together at work...see the dilemma?!

"And in the same holiday vein" Ahhh the good old days are back..... the King's Xmas shopping is almost done...for under $100 dollars...and he has about 10 things. Why is it that it is sooooo easy to purchase gifts for a toddler...and on the cheap too.... The Prince's Xmas shopping is gonna be ugly...1 or two things....and wayyy more expensive. I miss the Prince being a youngster who just wants the entire Toys R Us Big Book. Now he wants the entire Circuit City ad!

"The Kiss of Death" A girl with a peanut allergy died when she kissed her boyfriend who had eaten a peanut butter snack?! YIKES! I guess I gotta watch my shell fish issues and Mr Oz's love of shrimp and cocktail sauce.

"It Repeats what you Say" One young King has begun repeating things he hears in one word form. It is totally funny to hear him repeat (very clearly) things like "Duuuude" (me calling the Prince in the Kitchen) and "Whaaaaat" (a verbal game the prince plays with him...the natural response is "Yea....ya"). He did shock us though by singing along with several stanzas of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on his Veggie Tales CD ("Up aba so high")...caused a ton of amazed looks between the Prince and Mr and Mrs. Oz.

"What do you get when you add heat to a crafty animal" - You get FIREFOX! Yup.....we are still up and running on Firefox which has been extremely stable, and has blocked some nasty incoming tracking software. I inadvertently opened IE the other day...and the system crashed. WAY TO GO MOZILLA! You are my new favorite piece of software (and have saved me a ton of money..I haven't had to buy a new computer!)

Have a greaaaat Wednesday!

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