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Given my lack of blog time over the last week or so...it is time again for "random thoughts" to catch you up...

To the Mathemeticians in the Family - A little math probability problem...What is the probability that the prince will be "sick" on a Monday morning when he has played two hard games, out of town on Sunday, and doesn't hit the hay until 11 or so at night? I know the answer..and Mr. Oz knows the answer...can YOU figure it out without too much difficulty?! (Thanks Mr. Oz for rousting him this morning and telling him "sick yeah right...get your lazy butt outta bed).

To the English majors in the family - Can "Mine!" be a complete sentence? It seems that the King believes that it is....as last night his bru-bah borrowed his "Boo Bankey" to cover up with on the couch and the king proceeded to shout "Mine! Mine! Mine!" and stare mournfully at his parents in the hopes that they would right this miserable wrong".

To the psychologists in the family: Have you ever done a complete study on what makes the youngest sibling in the family learn, early on, that they can get the older ones in trouble? (No wisecracks from the Middle Child in the Faison family please). Seems the King has determined that all he needs to do is squeal and half-cry when the prince even touches him and it will result in a penalty to the prince (or a penalty shot for the king!). All of my older siblings..sing in chorus now..."Memories.......light the corners of my mind......misty water colored memoriiiiieeess...of my baby sis"

To the Lawyers in the Family - Can the prince be convicted based on the squeals of the King? In parentland yes....but how about in the legal world?!

To the Doctors in the Family - How long DOES an antibiotic take to kill a sinus infection. Unlike the Tootsie Roll Pop Owl...three days didn't cut it. 7 days later, my ears are still clogged, I am still nasally, and I will be (shortly) refilling my megapills in two days for round two. Yikes! I guess the Dr was right when he said "Let's not wait until you are "dyin" to come see me next time! But really...it just seemed like a cold!

To the Chef's in the family - Does anyone have the recipe for my Mother's stuffing? I think we are staying home this year for Thanksgiving...and I was thinking...I can do all the rest of the meal..but can't remember how to do the stuffing. Butter and the Pepperidge Farms stuff...right?! I gotta write this down!

To the logistics folks in the family - Really...this is the 9th year of hockey pictures...and STILL it takes too damn long. "Be here at 8"....which means, pictures will be taken at 9:15 and you will have to wait around listening to "Mom, can I have a dollar, I am Hungry..I wanna play the video games, I need a hot chocolate......I am hot in this gear........ Honestly...is there a better way? Give me the camera...I'll whip 'em into shape! I have to say though, this years did have an added improvement. We picked up the team pic, 4 wallets and a 5x7 pic at 3:00 that afternoon. Wow. No waiting 6 weeks for the pics to be delivered. Impressive....waiting in the morning..but no wait for the pics!

And that will do it for this version of "deep thoughts". Sigh...off to work I go.

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