What is that I hear?!

Dr. Prince, prince of all things teenager, decided that he knew exactly what I needed to do to feel better and hear better. "Take a hot bath mom, put your head under the water for a while, and your ear will begin to open up". Yeah right Dr. Teenager.....I will dispense the Faison-style medical advice in this family, not you.

But...a hot bath did sound like a good idea last night...so I informed the male members of Oz Land that I was off to take a hot bath. Of course, I put my head under the water for a while. Then I thought, I wonder if I can try (again...for the 100th time!) to pop my ears gently (without blasting my eardrums!). I had been able to get the right to release some through yawning, etc, but the left was completely blocked (and the hearing seemed at about 3%...barely any!). After sitting up...I held my nose and gently blew....and...."POOOOOPP" went BOTH ears. What?! Without pain? Hmm...let's try it again! "POP POP POP" went the left ear...and suddenly, there was some hearing in the ear...about 25%! Okay....throughout the night...I was able (through yawning and blowing) to pop it about 8 more times..and was up to about 50% hearing. This morning..we are sitting closer to 80%!!!

Could it be that the warm water caused some movement behind the eardrum and in the eustachean tube? Could it be that Dr. Teenager knew what he was talking about? Likely on the first, more likely a good guess on the second (as he has had approx 2 ear infections in his life total!)....but whatever....IT WORKED!

What is that I hear?! It is the sweet sound of SOUND in the ol' ears! YEA YEA YEA! Thanks Dr. Prince, Teenager of Darkness. I guess there are a few things Dr. Mom can learn from you!

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