It was crazy, fun and tiring!

First of all..let me say Merry Christmas to my family and friends. This time of year really brings home the love for those that have the most impact on our lives.....

Given the rapid fire pace of this past weekend, indulge me while I do a rapid fire blog post (plus...I hear the King stirring, and I have to get him off to school soon to make it to work on time!)

Getting ready - Thursday dawned with me having about 42 hours of work to do in a 6 hour period. First Stop? To see Santa Claus for the King! You would think that he would be freaked out by the big dude..and you would think wrong. There was one family ahead of us, sitting on his lap, and the entire time, the King was pointing at SC and saying Ho Ho Ho softly to me. When the kiddos ahead of us climbed down......the King quickly pushed himself off of me...and ran forward saying HO HO HO much louder. He climbed right up on SC's lap, listened quietly to what SC was saying to him, posed for his picture, gave a quick Hug and was off. Weird as he wouldn't even say hi to his Auntie belle when he stopped by her office to visit for a moment...and he KNOWS her! Then it was banking, shopping, and the likes.... Finally, the decision was made (at about 3:45), that there was still too much to do...so we delayed the departure of the Oz family to the northern land of Ice and Snow until Friday.

The Crazy Day - Got on the road at about 7:00 which put us in cold land at about noon. A quick trip to the store with MY big brubah for the fixins of an Xmas dinner with the Faisons, and the Oz family was off to celebrate Xmas with Mr Oz's father and siblings. Could only stay a short while, although the kids stayed far longer, as Mr. Oz and I had a party to attend with a bunch of my friends from High School. These were the kids that I ran around with EVERY weekend for the four years (and some even longer than that!). I can't believe how well we are aging, and how much fun we can still have when we get together. There were many laughs, many memories..and I have to say...I truly enjoyed spending every minute of Friday night with these folks! Of course..it made for a late night, as we didn't arrive back home (after picking up the King) until about 1:00 a.m.

Then there was the Eve - Waking up early, after such a late night, was hard, but was done. I had dinner fixings to make and get in the refrigerator before reporting to Mr. Oz's Mom's house for another Xmas celebration at 10:00 a.m. Amazingly, we were only 15 minutes late (what with baths, food prep, showers, etc.). Spent a nice relaxing time with Mom and Dad W, and the Oz family siblings trading gifts, teasing the nieces and nephews, and eating waaayyyy to much. Then it was back to my family for a wonderful dinner (thanks Doug for the cooking..the food was awesome) and trading gifts, teasing the nieces and nephew, beating on my brothers, and enjoying time with everyone. Of course, just as I managed to get the King to sleep, I heard the prancing and pawing of each little hoof...and knew that the SC had made a stop at Grandpa's house in honor of the prince and the King.

Merry Christmas to All! - The kids decided it was time to get up around 7:15...and check out the (hoped for) arrival of gifts from the HO HO HO man. Yeah...he had arrived. After viewing gifts, opening more, and playing for a while, I pulled together a quick breakfast before Grandpa headed off to church. Then it was baths, showers, and a little more play time before heading out to Mr. Oz's big family gathering. It was fun to hang out with the 60 or so cousins, aunts and uncles, etc., and the kids really had a ball playing with all of the kids their own age. By this time, the King was getting less "strange" and was saying hello to every person he could make eye contact with! Of course, all good things must come to an end, and this was no exception, so we hopped back in the car to head back to Grandpa's house to spend time with the R. Faisons before calling it a night.

You would think that a travel day.. - You would think that our travel day would have been less busy...but you would be thinking WRONG!. While visiting with my siblings and the nieces, I spent two hours pulling together everything that needed to be tetris'd in the car. (Which Mr. Oz did with great apolmb!). Then it was off to Dundee michigan for a lunch with Sr. Mr. Oz (Mr. Oz's Dad) and Grandma Margaret. Heading back into town, we stopped at Grandma Whitemans to say a final merry christmas, and visit for a little while, before heading back into Toledo to pick up a camera accessory for the Prince's new camera from a cousin of Mr. Oz. Then it was into the car, and off towards home (at about 4:00 p.m.). The King did great in the car until about 40 miles out of town...then he decided he had had it and was ready to kill somebody! The final portion of the 300 mile was pleasant let me tell ya!

Whew....this morning it is back to work for Mr. Oz, Mrs. Oz, and back to School for the King. The Prince of course gets to sleep in and relax today. Wishin I was the prince.

Hope you all had a beautiful and blessed holiday! We sure did (and are exhausted to prove it!)

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