Big Wheels Keep on Turnin...

The familial wheels keep on a turnin here in Oz land. The last week has found us in Chicago for a Hockey Tourney (the kids won 1, lost 3), having beautiful weather outside (60s), and in typical mid-south fashion, today finds the Prince on a two hour delay from School today for the 2" of snow that we received overnight. Yup...a drop from about 55 yesterday...to snowville. Typical!

The King had a ball with all of his hockey sisters in Chicago over the weekend, although some of the food didn't seem to agree with him. He woke up early Sunday Morning and decided to get sick all over our hotel bed (rather than having to pack the playpen, we had him in bed with us). Did you know that the overnight crew at the Chicago Hilton Naperville is really really nice about a half-asleep Mom appearing and asking for new sheets, mattress pads, blankets etc.? Sunday morning dawned and he seemed to be okey dokey....so...must have been one of those random thingys!

The Prince played his heart out in the Tourney, although it seemed like some of his teammates really didn't feel like playing. Learning the valuable lesson that you can't do it all yourself, he wasn't too disappointed, but wishes that they could have played better. In fact, the Prince was given the honor of trying to pump up the team in between periods of their second game. Well..I say given but in reality, he took the honor by "railing" to the team at the end of the period, and the coaches let him rant (they said to me.."Sometimes, the kids can say it better and hear it better with each other....we let him go because he was saying all of the things we would have said). I asked him after the game what he said..."Mom, I just said Look, we are swiping at the puck and that isn't getting any of us anywhere. I will admit, I am doing it too, but I'll tell you what, I am going to step up my game, take the body, and give us a chance here, you guys have to step up your game too...who is with me" Kewl words Prince!

It was back to work (sleepy!) on Monday..although Mr. and Mrs. Oz were wishing that we were the Prince as he had MLK Jr. day off, and then Tuesday off for "in service day". Um.....if my mom were still here I would ask her....."did we have this many in-service days"...it seems like they have them 2-3 times per month. Ah well..what ever!

It is time for for a mid-south weather update (yeah..you know..snow!)...it was raining all of yesterday with temps in the mid-50s....went to the grocery store last night to pick up a few essentials (you know..milk and bread..which we truly needed) and the store was virtually empty of all humankind...but full of the necessities. It was raining when I went in (and getting a little chilly..but not too bad), yet when I came out 15 minutes later...it was ice balling......Arrived home and told the prince that he could pray a little to get some snow..but that his prayers would be most likely in vain. About an hour later, I turned on the outside lights and was surprised to see an 1" of snow....it was truly a What the Heck? moment! Of course...many many kids were tossing up prayers so how could God resist right?! Funny...I think the weathercasters were blindsided somewhat by this because they didn't get their chance to warn the city of the upcoming Milk and Bread Necessity alert. This morning though..you would think a weather event of the greatest of magnitudes has occurred.... gotta make up for the lack of air time last night ya know.

Well..the King is stirring..which means it is time for me to hit the showers and get him to pre-school before the Big Brub has to get outta bed and ready for his 2 hour-delayed bus ride. (Normally, he is on the bus at 6:56 a.m.)......

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