Eventful weekend....

Spent Friday hanging out with the boys on a vacation day...cleaning a little, then doing some art projects and packing to get ready for the Cincinnati trip. Took off around 7 arriving at the hotel around 9. The good news was that the Coach had declared an early curfew, which meant that the boys (one Prince in particular) couldn't run around the hotel driving us crazy (not arriving "Home" until his usual midnight!).

Saturday morning dawned very early and very cold (15 degrees with a windchill in the minuses!!) with a game that started at O'dark 45 (6:45 a.m.!). The kids brought their game and blasted through the first team....setting themselves up to play the other Louisville team in the next round. Sadly..that game ended in a loss (the kids don't believe in themselves that they can beat this time..they hang with them..then give up mentally, ruining any chance they would have!). That meant a Sunday consolation game for 3rd place..which I am pleased to report...they won. We declared the King and Prince the MVP of the games..as the Prince did an amazing job all weekend long of opening the forward door and positively coaching his teammates when they came off the ice (or went to the penalty box..which was right next to the forward door!). The King did an amazing job of putting up with a cold and busy hockey weekend with very little fuss.....hanging out with everyone...and playing when he could con someone into getting him outta his stroller!

Saturday was also a fun day, as we were able to spend some time with family. B and S came to watch the prince perform his door opening duties (and cheered him on tremendously..thanks B & S!!). Then they assisted us in locating an Urgent Care Center when the Oz Elbow Curse continued its path through the family via the King. Seems his little elbow dislocated during a game of "1-2-3 swing" on the way into a restaurant. (OUCH!). I have to tell ya..the folks at the Doctors Urgent Care Office in Springdale Ohio are amazingly nice...with the Dr on duty recognizing the anguished cry of the King as he sat in the waiting room, and jumped him over all of the other patients to pull him back and get the elbow put back together. From an adult perspective, a dislocated elbow sounds terribly painful (and the Doc said it IS)...and I would think that the elbow would be throbbing when it went back into place..but the minute the Doc manipulated the elbow back....you would never have known that anything was every wrong with the King. (Who then proceeded to Cuddor Cuddor on the white paper of the exam table with that arm while awaiting the Xrays to ensure that there were no other issues.) Funny, my brothers dislocated my shoulder during a similar "1-2-3 Swing" game when I was little...I shoulda known that this game was "dangerous!". The Doc indicated that this is a pretty common injury to kiddos...elbow or shoulder...it is called "Nursemaid Elbow or Nursemaid Shoulder"....and he said that the King would not be the worse for the wear...how right he was!

Then it was off to dinner with B & S...at almost 8:00 p.m. The "good restaurants" were still packed, so we opted for a Donatos pizza which was fun. Then back to the hotel for an early night...where the King proceeded to fall out of bed (at 3:00 a.m.).....no injuries, but talk about a ROUGH weekend for the King. (Hence the MVP title!)

Arrived back home at around 11:00 a.m., made Lunch, then took a good long nap (as did Mr. Oz, and the King!). These hockey weekends take a lot out of you..thankfully there are only 2 more to go!

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Carol P. said...

E was prone to this, and it happened at least 3 times. The first time, it popped back in when manipulating it for x-rays. And we had the same switch from agonized-baby to smiley-baby in an instant.

Did the doctor show you how to put an elbow back in yourself? Because if it's happened once, it's more likely to happen again and again. If not, you should ask your doctor to show you...