"Game On..."

As indicated by the Thursday post, one young prince started out Wednesday morning in a very nervous, but excited mood.....he was hoping that this was the last day (for a long while!) that he would look like this...

And it was! And what a quick recovery he has made from being immobile and winged...back to the ice (yes..WITH his Doctor's approval!).....

Ahhhh the sweet taste of water on the bench...in full stinky hockey gear. His first weekend back saw 4 games. He was a little tentative in the first, and lost his stick a lot in the first two...but by Sunday, he was back to being the Prince of Sparkness...scrapping and diggin-in when in front of his goalie.

He is now feeling confident that he is fully healed..and ready for his upcoming tourney in Nashville.

Meanwhile, the King seems to have picked up the virus du jour...of the tummy variety. Saturday evening found Mom cleaning the carpet in the Great Room due to a little sick boy's tummy, then spending the day yesterday with a sick little one who lived on the couch for the better part of the day. I will be waking him up shortly to assess his ability to return to school today....keep your fingers crossed as I have a killer-busy day at work, where we are shorthanded.....which means that life could get weird today if he is still feeling poorly. (By about 7 last night, he was running around..trying to touch the TV, trying to eat his brother's dinner, etc...so I am thinking he will be okay!)

So..between hockey, sick kids, and the like, the only thing I can say is..."Game On!".

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