Morning during the 'Lympics..

Ahhh...as the Woman's biathalon is humming merrily away on the TV, I muse that it is wonderful to watch the Olympics live on TV in the mornings, rather than the morning news. In fact, this morning, I won't have to listen to Katie Couric and Al Roker wax rapsodical about the major snowstorm that hit NY this past weekend (okay Al and Katie...there have been other major snowstorms this season...you would think that the only place in the world is NY!)....I just get to watch Svetlana and the crew CC Ski and shoot. (The prince has decided that this may be a sport for him...guns..skiing...what more could a 13 year old boy want!)

As indicated by the pics, we had a wonderful weekend...having a lot of fun bowling at a new alley in Downtown Oz Land. Yesterday involved two hockey games at home (thankfully!), and then it was back to Olympic Watching!

I love this time o' year.

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Carol P. said...

Yes indeed. Treadmill time zooms by as I'm cheering for the Italian Women's Hockey team to cross the red line!

We have a local morning show here that's better than Katie and Al, so we wouldn't get all the hooey about how snow has shut the world down. I caught a second of that when I was flipping from CNBC to MSNBC to find the Olympics -- they were going on and on about how glad they were to actually have made it into work in New York.

There's a world past the Delaware river, folks!