Ahhh Wednesday...

So I attempted to blog the other day, and the server seemed down. Didn't have an opportunity to do anything after that...until this morning. As such..indulge me while I play a little catchup!

Trains..Trains...and More Trains... - King Conductor is fully obsessed with trains. Ride on toys become locomotives to small chairs, little tractors, and even little cars and other toys..as trains are constructed outta everything. I had just picked up the great room last evening, when train-boy came through..hauled out much of what had just been put away...and with a quick hop on the "front" locomotive (this time, a fire truck)..the Conductor was off. I remember back to when the Prince was little..he did like trains...but I don't remember him being this obsessed! It really is cute to watch the King think through the processes of pulling together such a "neat train"

The "Train" as it was constructed by the almost 2 year old! Note the train set on the background....yup...trains trains and more trains!

The Prince - Yesterday, I escorted the Prince and 60 of his Orchestra Mates to the State Music Festival where they played two excellent pieces and were involved in the sight reading contest. They scored a distinguished (for those of us who used to compete in the state competition...they gotta 1!!!) I was very impressed given the majority of the Orchestra is only in their second year and they picked several hard pieces to perform! WAY TO GO ORCHESTRA GEEKS!

The Momma - Okay...fighting the final remnants of the spring nasties. Once my left ear decides to drain, and the random snifflies decides to stop sniffling....I will be Good to go! Yea! Have been logging a bunch of hours at work...given that next week is Spring Break and I will be outta the office. Sigh...why do we have to kill ourselves before and after going on vacation? Isn't that a strange thing?!

The Daddy - Loving the new job...getting lots of recognition...enjoying it! (Short sweet and to the point right?!)

So that about

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