Can an almost 2 year old...

Can an almost 2 year old really understand the intricacies of what his erudite mom is saying all the time? (Okay..I just had to add the erudite part...tee hee!)

Last night, I was chatting with King Timeout, who was in timeout land for insisting on putting his little hands on everything he wasn't allowed to touch. As we were sitting there and I was explaining that "we don't touch Mommy's things that we know we aren't allowed to touch" and he was trying to hide his face from his Mommy's dissapointment, I noted that he needed a change of "pants". (The odeur de stanke was upon him).

I said to him, "How would you like to start going potty on the big potty L?" That seemed to perk him right up, for a second or two. "Potty? Potty?" he asked. I responded, okay, "we can start trying." Then he looked at me with those sad timeout eyes and said "KeeKee?" Well, for those of you who aren't in the "King Toddler speak know", he was asking for his pacifier. I said to him "Big boys who can use the big potty don't need KeeKees right?". An extremely hesitant "Okay" followed. Then I said "Perhaps we should give KeeKee to Baby Z at your school (one of his pre-school friend's little sisters who is in the baby room). A pause. Another extremely hesitant and quiet "Okay". "Babies need KeeKees, so maybe she could use it huh L". A very quiet Okay...and a slightly sad look ensued. Then timeout was over and our conversation ended at that point (for he was off to see what else he wasn't s'posed to touch, and what other kind of trouble he could get into!)

Fast forward two hours to the start of bedtime. He is curled up with his dad watching The Incredibles on TV, and drinking his nite-nite Mocha Mocha (again..King Toddler Speak...easier translation...Milk). Usually during the going to sleep process we hear a series of "Mocha Mocha" meaning he wants his milk, then "KeeKee" where he hands you the Milk and gets his pacifier. This switch happens about 5 times during the dropping off process. The weird thing is, he drinks his milk, casts it aside, snuggles in close to Dad, and drops off to sleep. That's it. No KeeKee requests. In fact, no further KeeKee requests at all from the point that I suggested it go Bye-Bye to Baby Z.

Then, overnight, there was a massive thunderstorm which resulted in someone (okay...two someones) waking up and requesting a safe haven in our bed (one by crying, one by saying "Mom, what the heck is that"?!) Again, no KeeKee requests (which are typical if one young King wakes up at night and can't find it in his bed).

Hmmm....so the question of the day is.....can an almost 2 year old really understand what his mom was saying..and was it that easy to lose a 1.90 year pacifier addiction? Stay tuned....we shall see!

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Carol P. said...

Hope it stays just as easy! We had to have the "snucker fairy" come to make them go away here for #1 and #2. Luckily, Tertia never fixed on one (though we tried at various times). She's got her PupDogMom instead....