Almost as fun as...a Root Canal

Life has been almost as fun as a root canal over the past 24 hours...maybe it is because...well....I had to have a root canal! I have declared 2006 the year of the teeth for me....and am trying to get the ol' choppers back in line. Like most, I hate the dentist..endodontist...and all other ists that are teeth related. The expense of these treatments is outta control (okay..I know..had I gone more frequently, the expense truly woulda been minimized...but I had a really crappy experience about 5 years ago with 5 root canals resulting in 3 caps lost, one tooth lost...and quite frankly..a whole lotta dollars lost!)

Funny..the endo yesterday said "cut down on the sodas and sweets"...based on the shaky condition of a couple of the teeth...but then..about ten minutes later said.. "I think this is genetic rather than sweet related...your problems are all in your upper teeth at the gum line..rather than all throughout your mouth!". Um..thanks endo for being the first one in six years to realize that very thing (I realized it at the time..thinking..hmmm...why are the uppers failing and not the lowers?!)

So as I said before...life is almost as fun...as a root canal...sigh.

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